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Akard Architecture


Akard ArchitectureAkard Architecture / A+ is a highly skilled design firm that has culminated from 30+ years of architectural practice.  My experience has ranged from Director of Architecture with JDB to firm owner design lead.  My leadership has demonstrated that successful projects are the result of combining owner goals into the project context through skilled design team efforts to provide for delightful appropriate solutions.  This is the consistent theme that weaves through a very diverse portfolio of work.

Andy AkardPlanning and design for religious organizations, colleges and universities has been a major focus of my career since 1986.  In the last 10 years I have led projects at Emory, Emory at Oxford, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Elon University, University of Georgia, Georgia State University, University of West Georgia and Kennesaw State.  The religious projects include the following groups:  Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal,  Greek Orthodox, Ismaili, Jewish, Methodist, Non-denominational, Presbyterian and Science of Mind.  My experience has been based on providing leadership for committee-led projects and in successfully integrating the efforts of other design professionals into the work.

My approach to design is based on a strong interactive working relationship with the client; designing spaces and buildings that reflect their functional and aesthetic goals.

“………..we knew that if you handled it, that the end result would be well executed and successful.”  Todd Cook, RA, Director, Facilities Design and Construction Services, Georgia State University

When I first walked into the main building, I was in awe of what we created. First, the expanded lobby area and then the magnificent new look for the sanctuary.   Even with all our second guessing along the way, you and your team stayed the course and delivered an outstanding product.”  Warren Zindler, Building Committee Member and Fundraising Chair, Temple Sinai

” I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you just now and thank you for our amazing renovation. I have been teaching here for over 25 years (and a former student for 13) and seen much change and improvement during my time here. This new space is one of the highlights of my career! Thank you!”  Lydia Hansen, Middle School Admissions Assistant, Westminster

” Andy is a true professional, a great team member and has executed his architectural services in a manner which is very beneficial to the Elaine Clark Center stakeholders.’  Phil Barry, Co-Chair of Facilities Committee

“From the very beginning of the project, Andy listened carefully to the various stakeholders, including students, to learn what we wanted and needed in the new space…….opened to rave reviews from our students, faculty and staff.”  Kitty McNeill, Associate Dean, Oxford College

“……and we aren’t used to readily available architects and such fast responses.”  Cayenne Barnes, Professional Interiors, Inc

“Andy’s real gift, I think, is his ability to listen closely.  His good work at the front end of our project left me feeling totally confident that he understood the design goals of our project, the nature of the students residential needs….. his interest and focus on the details of the job have never diminished.”  Joe Moon, Dean for Campus Life, Oxford College

“It is unusual to find an architect who is very creative in design but is equally strong in the practical applications for quality and economic construction.  You also are one of the best architects I have dealt with in developing the needs of your customer.  Your innate relaxed ability to interact with a building committee of nine different personalities made every meeting a pleasure to attend.”    Art Brannen, Committee Member, Sacred Heart Basilica

“I just wanted to take a moment and say how impressed I was with the amount of work and level of detail that you and your team were able to produce in such a short amount of time.  We along with the CM were able to provide detailed and accurate estimates from the start……….”  Michael Palacio, Palacio Collaborative

“……..thankful that Andy Akard was instumental in designing a space that met our needs and presented so well visually.  The building design is flawless and the compliments flow whenever the space is entered.  Andy has been by our side throughout the project and I would recommend his services at any time.”   Jan Georges, Project Chair, Jeffords Fellowship Hall

“……smooth design development process and a no-surprises environment for budgeting……. wonderful introduction to the design-build process for us and we certainly hope we can continue working with you on future projects.”   Bryan Benedict, President, Humphries and Company

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